While you were eating…

While you were eating…

Food, food, fooood! I love it; I love cooking AND I love EATING IT! So imagine my surprise when I FINALLY found a HEALTHY way of planning, cooking, eating, AND incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle  (exercise,  mind-body wellness, outdoor therapy, you get my drift?).

Who’d a thunk it? Right?!Riiight! OK here’s the skinny (no really, NOT trying to be funny here) just because YOU THINK you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you are…Say WHUT? Yep that’s right; what you EAT (nutrient density, quality, source, etc) is JUST as important as HOW

Healthy can be delicious!

What an eye opener for me, and it made me do some soul searching and to look for answers. Short and sweet?  I got serious about my health, quit wasting money and guilt on a gym membership that wasn’t getting used ( no accountability and support = failure, yep I found that out the hard way, lol), joined a fitness challenge group plus a REAL workout plan! The rest as they say, is history…This is my journey to REAL fitness, health, and life; getting fixated on balance in all areas of my life. just know there are so many other women out there suffering and being deluded that a gym membership is the ANSWER to their struggle,  NOT!….