Ding, ding, diing! Dinner time…

Ding, ding, diing! Dinner time…

Ok soo I decided to experiment with dinner yet again! I love seafood; if it lives in the ocean I will literally eat it, lol 🙂 So what, I’ve got a seafood addiction. Sue ME. Anyway, back to my story; I decided on seafood pasta using mostly organic  products-the result? Uuhm uhm GOOD!

Not only that, I proved once again that, you don’t have to end up homeless in order to go organic. I’m so tired of the nay sayers talking about how unrealistic it is to eat mostly organic foods! Heck, if we didn’t spend so much money subsidizing big agribusiness and the fast food industry, we’d ALL be able to eat organic (or mostly so) foods 😉

P.s. here’s the end result featuring mostly organic fixin’s
plus my 2 buck chuck vino from my local Trader Joe’s , he he he 😉

Seafood medly sauteed with organic broccoli, & mini bella mushrooms!