Wow, Women’s health talk right now!

Wow, Women’s health talk right now!

I was just watching the news (hmm mainstream media actually had some intelligent info for a change, ha ha ha ) and the talk was about PCOS  (polycystic ovarian syndrome ; primarily how it affects fertility and the big shocker (to me, I did not know this) it’s connection to diabetes.  Wow,  did YOU  know it’s also both a risk factor AND cause of diabetes?! Shut the front door!

Seriously,  the is huge for me because if have people close to me who are dealing or have dealt with fertility  issues  (some a happy ending, while others not so much ). Although I thought it was informative it was also a downer and drove home the fact that OUR HEALTH CARE system REALLY needs to be UNIVERSAL and not optional! The costs of IVF,      and some of the other tests alone, can easily sink you debt to the point of bankruptcy!  This is freaking crazy in a day and age when SOO many other countries in the world are SMART (and have far fewer politicians who’ve been bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries *cough*) enough to get a clue!

Anyway! The point is,  if you’ve got this condition, it’s  best to either freeze your eggs (even if you don’t have PCOS this is a good idea because your fertility numbers decrease outside of your 20’s), check your AMH levels (simple hormone check that’s a good fertility  indicator), etc.

Yeah, yeah I get it! No pressure right?! Riiight! Seriously,  no wonder women are nutty when it comes to this topic! We’ve got a health system working against us (for the average middle class family, this is a lot of debt) and on the other, seemingly biology is not on our side either  😦