Throw off the yoke and go for broke!…

Throw off the yoke and go for broke!…

IT IS TIME TO GO FOR BROKE!  Get off someone else’s crazy train. I’m talking about the drama of other people, their baggage (that they are trying to push off on you), the expectations of others, the “job” without the growth (i.e. financial returns), and JUST LET IT GO. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying abandon your friends, family and obligations, ALL I’m saying is that you NEED to set boundaries (which YOU must enforce ; i.e., in your relationships), learn to say “NO” for a change, and STOP allowing fear and uncertainty trap you on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

As one savvy blogger  (Listen to your mama!) it takes a lot of self-development, truth, and finality (that part of your soul that cries out “enough is enough!”) to throw off the weight of the yoke that is keeping you chained and bound to your “situation” or circumstance. The tragedy of life not having any do-overs? It’s all the lost creativity, opportunities, and enrichment that COULD and SHOULD have been had, IF only WE had made the courageous decision to get off that interminable wheel leading no where.NOW it’s time to connect and engage the “Fly Wheel” (wheel of creativity and motivation).tumblr_mb8eitiqgE1r1r78ao1_1280

Now that we’ve got that all straightened out, it’s time to move to the next phase; what’s that ? It’s called  discovering your “flywheel” using it for growth instead of the yoke (i.e. bondage to your current situation)…To be continued and blessings on the journey2…👣