Journey to loving you for YOU!

Journey to loving you for YOU!

It’s one thing to “fix” the outside, it’s another to build up and embrace the internal. For women, this is often a hard thing as we are constantly bombarded by images roles that are not necessarily our own. It’s time to break out of that cycle and just do you!

Trying to live up to someone else’s perception or image is both exhausting and soo yesterday. At this stage of my life, I’d rather stick a hot poker through my eye than deal with the drama, bondage and baggage that comes with that sort of unhealthy attachment. Factor in the relatively short life time we have in this universe, timeline, or what ever you want to call it; the bottom line is, NONE of us have the time to waste our lives on the negative and things (and yes, people) that bring no VALUE to our lives.

While every event brings experience and color to our lives, there are a whole lot of uglies (i.e. traumas, etc) that NO one wants or needs to experience again. That’s why I say fixing the outside CAN’T truly be fixed unless YOU correct the INSIDE!

I’m a firm believer in maximizing the positive and I do it all by getting, fit, fierce, fabulous and free! Time to keep it moving.😎👣