What are you…?!

Soo today is another day that’s bringing us all one day closer to the end of the week. One thing is driving driving me nuts and I lterally feel like screaming,  “what the F***” are you ladies doing?! That THING? Well, it’s the fact that I truly realized that so many off us are stuck in the crossroads, that hamster wheel going no where,  BUT yet, people are content to just stay there.

I’m asking myself why, and I’ve come to some tragic conclusions about why we do this to ourselves; myself included, and yes we women seem to do it too well. First of all, it has to do with a cultural conditioning  ( i.e. culturally defined gender roles, mores, etc), past experiences, and the big T.W.O.,  fear and insecurities. 

The problem with  ALL of this is that we get locked and stuck in both mind and circumstance in the “crossroads”; a matrix (my Matrix movie reference, hehehe πŸ˜‚) power and potential that, depending on YOUR choice, can be for good or for evil! I know it sounds dramatic,  but when it comes to LIFE and the difference between having it and losing it, yeah I’m dramatic. 

The TRUTH is, YOU don’t GET to do a :DO OVER” if you make the wrong choice at the crossroads of this life, so my advice to any woman out there who is stuck, on that hamster wheel going nowhere, in bondage, etc, PLEASE VALUE yourself enough to be courageous and CHANGE your life and CHANGE your STATE!πŸ‘Š