Who are Y…?

You know what I’m learning? The more I reflect on the inner me, what it means to be me, my truth such as it is, I realize this whole personal development thing equals POWER! Lately I’ve found that my thoughts and words to paper, are more focused inward within the context of this thing called health and fitness. 

Why? Because there in lies the true solution and powerful momentum necessary to break free of the “Matrix” (damn I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten tired of watching “Neo” break free from the deception of mediocrity and bondage) of the hamster wheel going nowhere! 

Yes, it’s NOT just about finding or discovering “your truth”, it’s about being brutally honest about yourself, who you are, your situation, and ULTIMATELY, YOUR STORY! Boom Shaka Lanka, BOOM! Before I started my business, I used to run away from “PD” aka, Personal Development stuff, because I thought it was a load of poo poo, peddled by psuedo motivational gurus eager to lighten your pocket with a bit of “enlightenment”, hahaha.

That’s not to say there aren’t any charlatans out there causing more harm than good (I’ll leave it to God and the universe to mete out their just desserts), BUT the real truth is, we ALL need to reflect, expose and grow as individuals if we ever hope to tap into our inner potential and unique gifts. As I sit here typing ( yes at 0115 in the a.m.), my heart weeps for all the lost opportunities, gifts, and development that I and others out there could have accessed, if only we had made the DECISION (after a long hard look in the mirror), made a PLAN, and taken the necessary ACTION to change the direction of our paths so that we could live our full potentional.

As a woman, I feel like we are saddled with the extra load of society’s demands and strictures of both culture and of our own making, a.k.a being our own worst enemy or biggest critic. I’ve gotta confess I’ve finally found the antidote or the “kriptonite” needed to shut that toxic waste dump down! Investing in personal development is not a luxury but a necessity and will in the end, save your life and spare you uneccesay pain and dare I say, some “teachable” moments too?

 Getting fit is NEVER about just getting physically fit or strong; it’s a total mind-body thang, and anyone who TRULY wants to experience a full, empowered life, MUST do the work in this are too! I’m learning and have learned some hard lessons in this area, BUT I will NEVER be able to say, I regret these experiences because they have ALL contributed to bringing me into my own, personal awakening and all I have to say is, WHAT’S YOUR STORY? How do YOU want it to end? Having said all that I recommend that EVERY woman (both young and old) read “I AM THAT GIRL: How to speak your truth, discover your purpose, and #bethatgirl” by Alexis Jones.

I’m just getting started with this dose of truth, and if the fact that her words struck a cord in me and nearly made my shed tears in relief, is any indication of the insight I will take away from her book; all I have to say is , “preach it sister, preach”! Blessings on the journey…👣