All that Jazz!

Time to get your shimmy on (if you haven’t already, lol), hug your loved ones, toss out the chaos of 2016 and get in gear for a brand new run! Looking back, I’ve come to the realization that I often focused on past regrets (a.k.a woulda, coulda, shoulda) and seemingly “missed” opportunities, instead of embracing the moment,  growing in it and being thankful. 

As the final minutes of 2016 tick by, my resolution if any at all, is to be thankful and embrace every moment of my journey. It is not an easy thing, this notion of “personal development “, but no one ever said depth comes without effort!ūü§ď Time to check myself even as I encourage my “FitTribe” (i.e. clients, fellow sojourners, etc) to dig deep, get comfortable with being “UNcomfortable” and get out of the crossroads.

Get off the cray, cray, train and be authentically you, focus on the things that truly matter and give color and meaning to this life we all live. Don’t let your waistline,  self-image  (or self-esteem), or the perceptions of other “things” , or society, prevent you from being who you’re meant to be; LIVE AUTHENTIC!

May the New Year find you blooming where you’re planted and may good health, love, laughter and balance meet you on this journey.