Time For A Reset


Well the first month of 2017 bites the dust! You can bet there already quite a few people who’ve thrown in the towel and muttering “mea a culpa, mea culpa”, under their breath as they remain stuck on that hamster wheel with no destination in sight. It’s been my experience that, the hardest part of any challenge, journey, process, etc,  is actually taking that step. Yes, it’s not easy and yes, it can seem daunting, but I believe we humans are meant to grow and thrive through challenges and those uncomfortable places. Have you ever noticed the beauty of the climbing rose, marveled at the complexity of a spider’s web? They both have something in common; creativity through challenge, adaptation through variation, etc.

Most living things require some degree of stress or “stretching”  in order to grow. While I don’t subscribe to the notion of “survival of the fittest” there is something to be gained from experiencing challenges and as well as getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I always tell my clients to shed the illusion of comfort in order to gain  freedom being stuck and stagnated. I’ve learned from personal experience, that “this” is one of the greatest barriers to both personal growth and pursing your passion; needless to say that path leads to regret and dissatisfaction and an over all unhealthy mindset and by extension, an unbalanced life.

In the context of fitness and health, you can’t dream your way to a fit body nor is there some miracle gadget (or gym, etc) that will make that “perfect” body (that you can paste on Instagram, *eye roll*) for you, WITHOUT YOU actually engaging in the activities (i.e. exercise, eating nutrient dense foods, dumping the processed foods from your pantry, etc) necessary to CREATE the changes YOU want to see in your fitness, health, physical appearance, etc. In short, YOU must DO the work but not only that, you need to sustain it and essentially change your lifestyle in order to achieve these ends.

As a busy woman, I’ve found that meal planning for the week is one of the major K.E.Y.s to ensuring that I fuel my body with what it needs to stay healthy on all levels. Who knew that nutrition has such a HUGE impact on mind-body wellness, anti-aging (yep, nutrition is one of the cheapest anti-aging agents out there), etc. It seems like every day, science bears this out.

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