Are You Thirsty When You’re Hungry?

Hunger and thirst can often be confused, especially within the context of busy daily routines. There are huge consequences when we fail to adequately address the nutritional and dietary needs of our bodies. Insufficient hydration and poor dietary choices can further blur the distinction between actual hunger and thirst, which in turn can have negative health consequences (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, etc).

The Good, Bad, And The Ugly!

It's time to detox your fridge, throw out all the additive laden processed foods you been holding on to since the end of 2016. Spring is fast approaching and it's time to give some serious thought to your nutrition, fitness and over all health. A good place to start is to open up your pantry (and your fridge) and take a closer look at what you've been putting in your body!

Are YOU ALWAYS Available?!

Personal development plays a significant role in your fitness journey and it is a journey in itself. My approach to fitness is more than just changes those numbers on the scale or blood tests; it's about bringing the whole individual into alignment and that involves the mind, body, and soul!

To Bone Or Not? What’s The Big Deal?

Boney broth is the "new" big thing in the fitness and health industry. Several claims are being made regarding the homeopathic benefits of ingesting bone broth on a regular basis. To date, the science to back up this claim has yet to offer any significant evidence in support of this although, there is some anecdotal evidence in favor of taking bone broth as a supplement.

To Vegan or Not?

Too often vegan and vegetarian diets are separated from the lifestyle as a whole. Becoming a vegan or vegetarian is not a fad or passing fancy. For those that adhere to this lifestyle, it's really about the health and wellness of both the individual and the environment in which one lives.

Mirror, mirror,  on the wall..?

I can't say I get it as to why we women, seem to struggle so much with finding and embracing who we are; be it in terms of our physical shape and weight (facial features, physical attributes, etc) or some "thing" about ourselves that we perceive as our individual shortcomings or the less "pretty" parts of ourselves.